Wellness Treatments That Keep Your Health in Harmony

We offer a natural way to balance and rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit by providing a quiet sanctuary to help you relax and experience the healing nature of acupuncture.


Whether it’s lower back pain or a chronic condition such as osteoarthritis, acupuncture is a reliable treatment option.

What We Offer

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Wide Range of Treatments

We offer a wide range of treatments, including massage therapy, foot detox, acupuncture, cold laser therapy, CranioSacral therapy, herbs, and homeopathic.

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Homeopathic Treatment

We provide homeopathic treatment known to heal most physical, mental, and emotional symptoms and treat conditions such as depression, anxiety, allergies, chronic fatigue, autism, eczema, menopause, and more.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy

Did you know that laser treatments are generally more efficacious than traditional surgeries? Cold laser treatment can promote the natural healing of the joints and soft tissue

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CranioSacral Therapy

You can reap the benefits of CranioSacral therapy by successfully treating certain pains and chronic conditions without having to remove your clothing.

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Our Core Beliefs

At Acupuncture Wellness Center, we believe that health and healing begin with you. Our goal is to empower and educate people on health issues and how to restore function in their body using safe, noninvasive effective therapies. We encourage our clients to regain and restore their energy and vitality with herbs, diet, and exercise so they can maintain their health for life. Physiologically through the stimulation of acupuncture points, the body will respond by releasing:

  • Endorphins which make us feel good.
  • The natural opiates of the body that reduce pain.
  • The neurotransmitters affecting the central nervous system, thus influencing involuntary body functions such as boosting the immune system

Empowering Clients to Heal Themselves

We have helped clients of all age groups to heal naturally for over 20 years.

About Us

Acupuncture Wellness Center is a traditional Chinese medical clinic specializing in acupuncture, CranioSacral therapy, Chinese herbs, homeopathics, supplements, and massage therapy to help restore and maintain health. Our caring and dedicated staff of state-licensed and national board-certified practitioners provide consultations, treatments, and herbal remedies for a variety of health problems. We work with our clients to empower them to gain optimal health and balance.

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Cindy Campbell MSOM, L.Ac. Dipl. Ac

Founder and owner of Acupuncture Wellness Center. Cindy is a Diplomat in Acupuncture with a Master of Science Degree from Midwest College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She has interned in Tokyo, Japan with an emphasis on Eastern Medicine. She is a graduate of the Sr. Rossland Geffre School of Massage. She received a Physical Therapy Assistant degree from St. Catherines College. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Therapeutic Recreation from St. Cloud State University. Cindy has trained with the Upledger Institute in CranioSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation. With over 30 years of clinical experience, she provides acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine services, and CranioSacral Therapy to individuals. Her focus is on preventative and wellness care. As a holistic practitioner, she emphasizes on empowering clients to achieve wellness and a balanced life.

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Sara Sokolowski

Sara graduated from Wisconsin Institute of Natural Wellness where both Eastern and Western modalities and philosophies were studied. She is a member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals and is certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.


“Cindy has helped make tremendous improvements on my health. I’ve suffered from back issues for 8+ years and have been seeing her for the last two years for Accupuncture & (name of Therapy) for the last 2 years. At times of hardly being able to move or in extreme pain, she’s been able to give me tremendous relief that lasts. She has also helped my dog with his stenosis and arthritis in his neck. My dog was unable to shake his head or move his neck due to stiffness and after one visit my dog was able to shake without yelping and was able to move his head side to side. We’ve continued appointments when needed and he has not shown any signs of reoccurring pain. Coupled with my personal services I’ve also received massages from, Sarah. Her techniques coupled with Cindy’s healing treatments have truly shown to help my degenerative disc disease, immensely. I’ve received many massages in my time and I must say, Sarah’s massages are truly concentrated on my injuries and have always made me feel better, never sore or worse. The best I’ve received for my condition.”


“I never believed in any sort of therapy/medicine outside of the normal doctors visit, but since I’ve been going to Acupuncture Wellness, it’s changed my whole way of thinking. The services here actually work and not just over time, instantly. It’s been a great experience and I enjoy coming here for pain relief from all sorts of previous sport activities. My back has never felt better!”


“My dog has a medical condition called mega esophagus- I went to 3 Vets, who all basically told me there is no cure and I need to manage his condition for the rest of his life. Off to Cindy we went. The change in my dog is undeniable. I know he would not be alive if it wasn’t for Cindy working on him. Cindy is a gifted healer, human or animal, she seems to know exactly what needs to be done.”


“I have been going to Cindy now for over 5 years- my experience(s) have been remarkable. I was born with many eye conditions, both of my eyes had to have surgery due to “detached retinas” I lost most of my sight in my right eye and was resigned that I would only have one that works. That was until I met Cindy. With frequent visits for 4 months- my right eye is now what I consider my GOOD EYE!!! I also had back pain since I was a young girl, no amount of therapy, painkillers or massages helped. Cindy was able to remove all pain in one sitting. I recommend her to everyone, especially the people who have had no success with medical docs. I consider Cindy a gift to the human race”


“After surviving a nearly fatal asthma attack, I knew I had to change my life. Cindy structured a wellness plan for me and through CranioSacral Therapy, Acupuncture and appropriate supplements, I went from five separate medications and traveling with my nebulizer, to one medication and forgetting I have asthma. Cindy gave me my life back. I continue to go for treatments to keep myself healthy and am rarely ill or miss work. Her professionalism, caring and skilled approach is unmatched in the industry.”


“I had been going to another Acupuncturist for the past 7 years due to head, neck, shoulder pain and Premenopausal symptoms but felt I needed a change. I randomly chose Acupuncture Wellness Center due to its close proximity. I was first greeted by Sara who was very friendly and scheduled me the very next day with Cindy. I was impressed by the tranquil spa like feel of the office and Sara and Cindy make you feel relaxed and welcomed. Cindy suggested Craniosacral Therapy which has greatly improved my every day way of life. I finally know what it’s like to be pain free!!!!! I highly recommend Acupuncture Wellness Center. “


“I have been seeing Cindy & Sara since 2009; Cindy for acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy and herbs and Sara for massage. Both are very intuitive, talented professionals and two of the nicest people I know. They have helped me through a host of physical and mental health issues and I credit them with being a much healthier and happier person than I was before. They have done more for me than my primary care physician ever could! The office has a quiet, nurturing spa feel to it and I always feel “recharged” when I leave. They are a “10” in my book!!!”

-Patty E.

“Cindy practices CranioSacral therapy at a depth I had not before experienced. This treatment helped me through a difficult time and I was surprised at just how synergistic the CranioSacral work was with my psychotherapy. It also helped me with neck pain, energy and other physical issues. For example, for years I had great difficulty taking a deep breath and could not figure out why. In one session remembrances of an abusive ex and having been punched in the stomach came to mind. Cindy worked on that area and I’ve been able to breathe deeply at will ever since!”


“I’ve been a patient at Acupuncture Wellness Center for over five years. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Cindy Campbell gave me my life back. The CranioSacral Therapy and acupuncture treatments I have had are nothing short of transformational. Cindy is an experienced and intuitive healer who does amazing and gifted work. I now have a sense of balance and wholeness in mind, body and spirit that I never had before. I would also highly recommend Sara Sokolowski for massage!”


“I came to the Acupuncture Wellness center a few years ago because I was suffering from constant digestive issues. My issues had started 20 years previously and I had seen many doctors and underwent a lot of tests. No one could find anything wrong with me. I suffered from chronic stomach aches and constant diarrhea. Eat more fiber! I was told by several doctors. Try this prescription…maybe your allergic to a food? Maybe it’s stress related and you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome? It was clear they were guessing. I went to a gastroenterologist. He was convinced I had celiac disease. I went through more tests. Everything came back normal. I was so miserable and I didn’t know what to do. I read a lot on the Internet and finally decided it was time to try an alternative approach. I was not thrilled with the idea of needles but I kept reading about acupuncture and I was finally ready to try it. I met Cindy and she convinced me she could help me feel better. I did everything she recommended (acupuncture plus supplements) and within 2 weeks I started to feel better. In three months I was a new person. I don’t like to be dramatic but Acupuncture changed my life, I feel good and I am so grateful I found Cindy.”


“Thanks to Cindy, both my husband and I have felt better in our 50’s and 60’s than the previous 15 years. As nurses we found Cindy to be well educated in all areas of treatment. Cindy and Sarah are more than care providers, they have become an important part of our family. We are truly blessed by the quality care they both provide.”

-Linda & Scott

Choose what works best with you. We have varied forms of therapy ranging from acupuncture, and massage therapy to cold laser therapy and Craniosacral therapy.

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Our goal is to empower and educate people on health issues and how to restore function in their body using safe, noninvasive effective therapies.

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