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Chinese Herbal Medicine
Chinese herbal medicine is often used in conjunction with acupuncture.  It is the understanding and clinical usage of hundreds of herbs, plants, animals, and mineral substances to heal the body and mind through safe and effective means.  Extensive knowledge is required in botany, pharmacology, and Traditional Chinese Medical diagnosis to prescribe an herbal formula to treat each client’s underlying constitution and root pattern of their problem or condition.  Two client’s presenting with the same symptoms may have a different cause for their condition therefore different herbal formulas would be prescribed.  When prescribed by a qualified practitioner Chinese herbal medicine is safe and effective, herbal interactions are extremely rare, the formulas are regulated and generally are sold by a licensed practitioner.   
Our clinic uses only the highest quality laboratory tested herbal formulas.  We carry tea pills, tinctures, powered formulas, ointments and salves to meet the needs of each client.
Homeopathy is a very old contemporary system of Western medicine that stimulates the mind and body to heal itself when it is out of balance.  It can help with chronic and acute health conditions, improve general health, and improve a persons’ overall energy.  Homeopathy has the capacity to help or heal most physical, mental, and emotional symptoms and treats conditions such as depression, anxiety, allergies, chronic fatigue, autism, eczema, menopause, and more.  Homeopathy is directed at strengthening the overall constitution and vitality of the body.

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